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Stanzteile lange Stanzteile aus Metall

Material: Carbon steel / As request Surface Treatment: Zinc plating / As request Press Rating: 10-600 tons Trade Terms: EXW, FOB, CIF, DDU
  • OEM

  • Zechin Industries

  • ISO9001

  • blanking, coining, bending, drawing, forming, piercing, Plating, Packing

  • rust prevention, electrophoresis, powder coated, plating, etc.

  • Standardpaket oder angepasst

  • Shanghai / Ningbo

  • Prototyp zu hoher Menge

  • Zhejiang, China (Festland)

1. One-stop solution

2. Tools designed and built in house

3. Fully equipped & Trained

4. Consistent quality

5. Turnkey manufacturing services

6. Excellent communication ability

7. Professional & Efficient response 

We use different type of stamping machine (cover from hand to precision punch)to produce metal stamping and pressing. According to customer's order quantity,we offer the most cost-effective way to your project, we can use laser cutting,Single-shot or continuous progressive die automated production.   China Factory Customized High Precision Deep Drawing metal Stamping Part

Processing range: stamping, blanking, cutting, forming, rolling, welding, bending, flaring, bending tube, drilling, tapping, spot welding nuts or screws.   

Pressing Capacity:  6.3-600 tons

Material :   Metal, Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper, Aluminum, etc

*   Plating: Zinc, nickel, chromium, silver, etc. 

*   Anodized and Electrophoresis 

*   Paint and Powder 

*   Vibration deburring, polishing and chemical treatment 

*   Screen printing, color printing and laser engraving.    

Oberflächenveredlung(for your reference):

Aluminum Parts

Clear Anodized,Color Anodized,Sandblast Anodized,Polishing,Brushing,Chroming.

Steel Parts

Verzinkung,Vernickelung,Chrome plating,Oxide black,Wärmebehandlung,Pulverbeschichtet

Stainless Steel Parts

Polieren,Passivating,Sandstrahlen,Laser-Gravur,Electrophoresis black,Oxid schwarz.

Messing -Teile

Verzinkung,Vernickelung,Chrombeschichtung,Oxid schwarz,Wärmebehandlung,Pulverbeschichtet




Hardware -Stempelteile


StempelhalterungMessingstempelnStahlhalterungMetallbiegung StempelnRostfreie KlammernEdelstahlstempelteile



Zelle: +86 158 5810 2851

Skype: Steven.Zheng89

Email:  steven@zec-industrygroup.com  



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Über uns

In Zechin Industries ist ein modernes Herstellungsunternehmen, das auf metalspezialisiert wird teile und Montage in der China.The Firma wurde 25 Jahren vor, im Jahr 1989 gegründet. 

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