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New Level of Tube Bending Ability in Zechin Industries

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3D tube bending partstube32www.metalpartfabrications.com

Zechin broughttube bending profilesto the next level.

3D bending has never been more precise. The new ø114.3 mm CNC mandrel bender has recently been tested with challenging products in the agricultural industry and we are able to produce multiple precise components in a fast and efficient manner.

88.9 x 4mm pipe bends to 3D radius* with two 90° and two 30° bends in two planes. The complex geometry and weight of the pipe make it critical to automate the bending process to get the job done efficiently. The challenge for this machine was to demonstrate its ability to hold tight tolerances and demonstrate the speed and repeatability of its design.

The machine's solid build quality and CNC controls deliver what it promises. Human-machine interaction is limited to loading/unloading tubes and controlling the process. The high degree of automation results in easy bending with ±0.1° accuracy at every angle, even those that bend in 2 planes. Once the geometry is confirmed, the pipe is ready for delivery.

Our fully automatic mandrel press brakes enable fast, accurate bends with high repeatability for simple projects as well as complex designs with the smallest radii.

Technical Engineer Sun said: \"To me, this 3D CNC mandrel bender is an exciting new addition to ourbending service. Most people already know our wide range of large and small CNC rolls Presses, but this is our first entry into the multi-spindle tube manipulation market. It's an exciting new direction for Zechin.

I believe this machine will allow us to fill the gaps in the larger multi-spindle tube market. We now offer consistent and accurate bends for tubing between 42.4mm and 114.3mm (CHS) as well as a range of box sections (RHS). Our induction press brakes can accommodate larger parts.

We may have denied your inquiry in the past, so try again and there's a good chance we'll be able to help. Undoubtedly, the shortening of the bending time is also an advantage compared to our traditional methods.

Highly skilled engineering support optimizes all procedures for maximum quality, productivity and reduced material waste. This machine is a great addition to our existingpipe and pipe bending services.

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